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Revolutionizing Methane Leak Detection in Oil & Gas: The Skyview Advantage

See video for view of example of locating and documenting a fugitive methane emissions source.

The oil and gas industry is undergoing a significant transformation in its approach to detecting and managing methane leaks. As environmental concerns take center stage, the sector seeks more effective, precise, and efficient methods of locating and documenting emissions. Skyview Energy Solutions is at the forefront of this change, employing cutting-edge drone technology to pioneer a comprehensive leak detection process that safeguards both the environment and industry assets.

Large Area Detection with Sniffer4D Technology:

Our journey begins with the Sniffer4D, a drone-mounted sensor that reinvents large-area methane detection. This state-of-the-art device, adeptly carried across vast expanses by our drones, can swiftly and accurately identify traces of methane (CxHy) in the air. By harnessing the power of Sniffer4D, we cover extensive areas, providing rapid initial assessments that lay the groundwork for more detailed inspections.

Pinpointing Leaks with Sierra-Olympia Ventus OGI:

Once a potential leak is detected, we deploy the Sierra-Olympia Ventus OGI, an Optical Gas Imaging camera designed for precision. This advanced tool allows us to hone in on the exact source of the leak, capturing high-quality visuals of fugitive emissions. The Ventus OGI is specifically engineered for the oil and gas environment, ensuring that even the most elusive leaks do not escape detection.

Documenting Faulty Equipment with Zenmuse H20T:

Identifying the leak is only part of the solution. With the Zenmuse H20T's thermal and high-zoom capabilities, we document the failed equipment responsible for the emission. This dual-sensor camera is the linchpin in our comprehensive reporting process, capturing detailed thermal data and high-resolution images that are crucial for remediation efforts.

Delivering a Complete Report:

The culmination of our drone-assisted inspection is a complete report delivered to the operator. Our reports are not just a confirmation of a methane leak; they offer a detailed analysis, including the precise location and visual documentation of the faulty equipment. This information is critical for operators to take swift corrective action, ensuring compliance with environmental standards and maintaining the integrity of their infrastructure.


Skyview Energy Solutions provides an unparalleled level of precision and effectiveness in methane leak detection for the oil and gas sector. Our innovative use of drone technology—from wide-ranging sniffer surveys to detailed optical gas imaging and equipment documentation—enables operators to maintain operational excellence and environmental responsibility. Embrace the future of leak detection with Skyview, where precision meets sustainability.

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